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5 simple tips to keep your staff accommodation in top shape

As we’ve seen abundantly in our earlier articles, proper upkeep of labour accommodation is essential for the satisfaction and well-being of the labour, and well-being of the labour is essential for efficient performance in the worksite. Therefore – and continuing on our mission of making all your blue-collar problems easier – we have for you a few, easily applicable tips for keeping your labour accommodation in good shape and making it a routine:


1. Establish general rules

One of the best ways to make sure the labour accommodation is in a livable condition is by imposing certain ground rules for the occupants to follow. These may include minimizing the number of equipment allowed in the room, ensuring all major interior surfaces are dusted once every off-day, ensuring the sink bathroom sink is wiped down once at the end of the day etc.


2. Provide a demonstration

It is unlikely that all the members in a room will have complete knowledge on the proper maintenance of it’s space. Therefore, a good way to make sure that their work and your time is not in vain is by providing a demonstration of all the different methods of upkeep to be followed using an experienced individual, such as a housemaid or sanitation custodian. This way you can ensure that the tasks have been done the right way.


3. Assign tasks

Assigning each resident a task to be completed it another way of making sure the job gets done without issue. To make it more convenient, each member of the room may be assigned a task in rotation so that it does not become a bother for any one particular individual, and so the responsibility of maintenance is shared.


4. Provide rewards

Rewarding a job well done is a universal form of encouragement. Since the room will likely be a mixture of personalities, it is not always a given that the mentality of some towards proper maintenance will be shared by the others. Therefore, rewarding the labour or groups that have successfully met the maintenance requirements will slowly encourage the defaulters to pick up the slack.


5. Ask for progress

An alternative to the reward system is the urge of employer dissatisfaction. Although this appears to be creating yet another job-like environment, it is an efficient method nonetheless. Asking for routine progress reports every other week or month will ensure that the labour complete the tasks that have been assigned to them, dreading the consequences if nothing else.


A clean space is a happy space, and using these subtle tips, now you can turn any space you want happier than ever before! Employee satisfaction – guaranteed!