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Five Challenges Laborers Face in Labor Accommodation and How to Overcome Them

A working-class individual who does manual labor is referred to as a blue-collar employee. Construction, manufacturing, repair, mechanics, and other manual labor work can all be part of a blue-collar employee's job description. This results in extreme exhaustion. In order to recover from this fatigue, the employee needs to be treated well, which means going back to their accommodation upon completion of his work. He should get the rest, healing, and nutrition required to stay productive at work. The following are a number of the obstacles that blue-collar workers have encountered and tips to overcome them:

Small Kitchen
A challenge that many employees face while residing in the labor camp is unorganized and under-equipped kitchens. Some don’t even provide the space for employees to store their utensils and ingredients. Neither does it have adequate space for workers to move and work freely. We take pride when we say that we provide a decent-sized and equipped kitchen across all our labor camps in Dubai.

Faulty Air Conditioning
The weather gets really hot in Dubai, especially during summers, where the temperature goes above 45-degree Celsius. In the case of faulty air conditioning, laborers have to suffer from discomfort and disturbed sleep. This further affects their productivity and also increases the likelihood of getting sick. We understand this issue well and therefore, have a reliable maintenance routine team that your employees can rely on in case of such situations.

Imagine returning to your accommodation after a long day at work, only to be welcomed by filth and odors. It is definitely not how someone would want to end an exhausting day with. This, in fact, is a very common issue in poorly run labor accommodations. At Kingpin Properties, we are committed to providing your workers with the highest degree of satisfaction in cleanliness and hygiene. Regular cleaning ensures employees rest well in their rooms without the risk of any infection or disease.

Wi-Fi Connectivity
Laborers, especially in the UAE, come from all over the world, leaving their families behind. There is vast diversity as laborers come from India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Africa, Philippines etc. With internet connectivity, they are able to stay in touch with family members who live in their respective countries. While many labor camps don’t provide Wi-Fi connectivity, we ensure our labor camps are fitted with the internet connection. It helps for entertainment purposes and also allows them to stay in touch with their loved ones.

Lack of Hot Water
During the winter months, many labor camps lack the necessary facilities to provide hot or warm water. It becomes a major issue for the laborers who live in these camps. We prevent this issue by offering hot water to employees, thereby assuring their comfort.

To Conclude
If you have employees facing such issues, we at Kingpin Properties can help. We provide a wide range of labor camp accommodations across Dubai that are well-equipped to ensure laborers' safety and hygiene. Whether it be a clean kitchen space or having access to amenities such as Wi-Fi connectivity, we can provide it all. These further facilitate productivity and reduce the likelihood of injuries or health-related issues.