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Labour Camp for Rent Al Quoz


Dubai is one of the most prominent business destinations, and with tremendous development in the past few decades, it has also become a leisure destination in the region. Kingpin Properties, a leading property brokerage in UAE, boasts of a range of labour accommodation properties in Al Quoz. With the largest agent network and extensive market knowledge, we can procure staff accommodation solutions at affordable prices. As standard, all our labour accommodations are furnished with all the benefits of a home to make your employees stay as comfortable as possible. Facilities include a common kitchen and wash area and occupancy as approved by the regular authority.


Al Quoz neighborhood is considerably larger than the average community in Dubai. With industrial areas being home to labourers, the residential area, on the other hand, experiences a mix of various nationalities combined with Emiratis. Our labour camp in Al Quoz overlooks the Grand City Mall, has several groceries and restaurants in the vicinity, further offering convenience and comfort. If you seek a labour camp for rent in Al Quoz, feel free to reach out to us. We’ll gladly assist you with all the details and procedures.


Why Choose Kingpin Properties?


Kingpin Properties has a variety of labour camps comprising of rooms that provide accommodation to all our clients across UAE. They comply with the decree provided by the Ministry of Labour. With a competitive edge and commitment to delivering quality service, our staff accommodation in Al Quoz has been highly sought after.


Convenience is essential, so with us, you can rest assured that we will provide accommodation that is closely located to your site so that they will have the shortest commute. To learn more or rent our labour camp starting from 120 sq ft, give us a call today!