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Top 5 things to check for before leasing your labour accommodation

With so much content out on the internet, it’s very easy to get overwhelmed with information about the cheapest possible lodging option and lose sight of the most important criteria to look for when considering the perfect labour accommodation. But even worse, who has the time to scout out and vet over thousands of different blogs and articles to decide?

Fret not; we hear you loud and clear. Here we offer our quick guide on the top 5 most important things to consider when choosing the perfect labour accommodation for employers in a hurry:

1. Basic requirements

In considering labour accommodation, it is important to first be aware of the international, national and local regulatory framework. At a general level, several international instruments recognize a right to an adequate standard of housing for everyone or for specific categories of the population as part of respecting human rights.

2. Fair renting arrangements

Adequate and decent accommodation should not cost the labour more than a reasonable proportion of their income and should never include a speculative profit.

3. Proper living space

Minimum space allocated per person or per family, including separate living space for each labour, separate rooms for each gender etc. (floor area, cubic volume, or size and number of rooms)

4. Standard living amenities

This includes supply of safe water in the labour accommodation in such quantities as to provide for all personal and household uses, adequate sewage and garbage disposal systems, appropriate protection against natural forces, adequate sanitary and washing facilities, ventilation, cooking and storage facilities and natural and artificial lighting.

5. Relative closeness to basic services

The labour accommodation should optimally be within reasonable distance of civic service and recreational facilities such as canteens, restaurants, supermarkets, hospitals, police stations etc.

The well-being of your labour translates directly into the success of your endeavors, which is why at Kingpin Properties we provide accommodation that your employees can undoubtedly call home. So rest assured that we are here to solve every last one of your blue-collar lodging dilemmas!