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What to look for in good staff accommodation

Congratulations – you’ve set out on this admirable journey of establishing your lifelong dream of becoming a leading entrepreneur. You’ve charted out your business plan down to the finest detail, accounted for all your finances, hired able labour to put your plans into action and even found the perfect location for them to live and operate from…

Or have you?

Choosing the right site to set up base is a crucial aspect of any operational endeavor, and is also an aspect that’s very easy to overlook. So here we offer our two cents on the essentials of choosing the best labour accommodation to kick-start your search:

How close is it to the base of operations?

The first and arguably most obvious question to ask yourself when looking for labour accommodations is, “How far do my employees live from the worksite?” This is not just essential in minimizing cost of travel, but is also crucial in keeping the morale of the labour high in some cases. The easier it is for employees to move comfortably between their accommodation and worksite, the more likely they are to perform better on the worksite. Moreover, swift movement to and from their accommodation facilitates miscellaneous time loss for the labour which can be otherwise spent rejuvenating and recuperating for the following day of work.

What is the nature of the surrounding community?

 The status of the community in which the accommodation is located is another point of interest that requires careful consideration. The location of the accommodation must be considered in terms of it’s socio-environmental impact on the surrounding community, and vice-versa. This includes the impact on the labour during the whole time of operations, as well as its impact on the labour during non-operational periods. If the neighborhood is littered with adversities such as crime, unruliness, constant ruckus etc., the well-being of the labour will suffer immensely. And this will translate negatively on the overall performance of the labour on the worksite.

How close is it other civic services?

 A good labour accommodation must be in a location from which other services such as hospitals, police stations, railways, restaurants, supermarkets etc. are easily accessible. This may be within walking distance or a few minutes by transport. The accommodation must not be so isolated that there is scope for the labour to approach these services if they require it. These services facilitate both physical and mental well-being of the labour and, yet again, increase performance on the worksite.

It doesn’t take much to understand why these points should be at the top of your checklist when deciding on lodging for your employees. And just for your convenience, Kingpin Properties has various accommodations spread throughout the industrial hots-pots of Dubai in just the right locations for all your blue-collar lodging needs including Jebel Ali, Sonapur, Al Quoz and more!